for 2013 Mayor & City Council


for 2013 Mayor & City Council

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Together, let's put an end to the politics as usual, and represent ALL of Hoboken
Increase Transparency In Government Spending

Several years ago, Hoboken residents were hit with an 84% property tax increase, which resulted in a $25 million budget surplus. Rather than use the surplus to cut taxes or improve quality of life the politicians and bureaucrats in City Hall had a good time with taxpayers' money. From lavish trips to patronage jobs for political support and millions of dollars in politically-connected contracts, there was no responsibility with your money.

The One Hoboken Team will immediately conduct a desk audit of all City directors to eliminate redundancies and patronage positions. In addition, our team will post City budgets online so you can easily see how your money is being spent.

Also, the Hoboken Board of Education and Hudson County budgets account for a large portion of your tax bill. This year both the BOE and county raised your taxes, but no one is monitoring these budgets. We will bring accountability by appointing a taxpayers' watchdog who will report back to the people of Hoboken, so you know exactly how your hard earned money is being spent.

Stop the Flooding and Improve Quality of Life

Our team will immediately work to install 3 new wet weather pumps to finally solve Hoboken's flooding issue. The time for talking about flooding needs to end, it is time for a solution. Hoboken residents have suffered millions of dollars in damages over the years due to flooding and this team will make it a priority to put an end to flooding.

In addition, we will help improve quality of life in every neighborhood by installing a 3-1-1 information system and create a system that will allow you to photograph problems in your neighborhood with your mobile phone and send it to us so we can fix it.

Revise Parking Laws

Last year, Fox 5 news aired two stories that highlighted Hoboken's confusing and unfair parking laws. Then just a few month ago Maxwell's, a legendary bar and restaurant, announced it was closing its doors in large part because Hoboken's unfair parking were driving away customers. In fact, every week businesses are closing along Washington Street, but City Hall refuses to revise parking laws and signage. The One Hoboken Team will establish fair parking laws that don't hurt small businesses or residents and install parking signage that consumers and residents can understand.

Establish an In-House Legal Department

Last year, Hoboken taxpayers' footed the bill for over $2 million in legal fees, mostly paid to politically connected law firms. In fact, Hoboken is quickly becoming at attorneys paradise where contracts are just handed out without any public input. It is more financially prudent to establish an in-house legal department that will handle all legal matters directly. This approach greatly lowers the cost of Hoboken's legal fees and eliminates the influence of politically connected law firms over how our city is run.